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6.0-6.4 Ford Diesel

If you own a Ford 6.0-6.4 Diesel truck and are having head gasket issues CES offers New Cylinder Heads and Fire ring installation for added protection against head gasket issues.


Engine Parts

CES offers the best prices and expert advice on High Performance and OE Engine Parts from name brand suppliers.


Aluminum  Cylinder Heads

Technology has made leaps and bounds from the days of cast iron heads. CES offers a full line of aftermarket cylinder heads.


Torque Plate Honing

Torque Plate Honing simulates a cylinder head being bolted to the engine block to prevent distortion of the cylinder walls while honing the clyinders in the block.


Valve Spring Setup

Valve spring set up is very important in the proper operation and life of the camshaft. Improper spring pressure will result in premature camshaft wear and/or catastrophic damage.

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